How your work stands out above the rest

January 11, 2018 ZEISS LENSPIRE Team

The image quality of a lens plays an integral part in the printing process. It is Douglas Wood’s opinion that regardless of the type of photography you do, you have not really finished your work until you make a print.

There are certain lenses that just seem to have something a little extra special that makes your images stand above the rest. It is hard to put into words but you will know it when you see it. That being said, there is a wealth of knowledge available online that can save a lot of time when searching for the right lens. Manufacturers are sharing more and more technical details on their products. Color rendition, micro contrast and bokeh are considered important criteria in distinguishing the image quality of a lens. To learn more about these image performance factors you might be interested in these in-depth articles – Micro contrast and Bokeh.

Photography should be fun, right?

For Douglas, lenses that stand out above the rest include the Milvus 2.8/21, Milvus 1.4/35, Milvus 1.4/85 and Milvus 2/135. A new addition to this list is the Milvus 1.4/25. The 25mm focal length, as is the case with all Milvus lenses, is beautifully built and a joy to use. Focusing is smooth, responsive and accurate. If you are regularly shooting outside in the elements, it’s great to have the confidence of knowing that the Milvus lenses are weather sealed.

@ Douglas Wood, Nikon D850, ZEISS Milvus 1.4/25, f/11, 1/100 sec., ISO 64 @ Douglas Wood, Nikon D850, ZEISS Milvus 1.4/25, f/9, 1/250 sec., ISO 320 @ Douglas Wood, Nikon D850, ZEISS Milvus 1.4/25, f/8, 1/250 sec., ISO 320

Out in the field

I mounted the lens on a Nikon D850 and while the 25mm is a large piece of glass, I found it to be well balanced on the camera. Speaking of the D850, the Milvus 1.4/25 really ‘sings’ on this camera/sensor. I am sure the 25mm is great on other high resolution cameras too, but I was so impressed with this pairing.

I will refrain from using expletives here but the first picture I made with this lens was an ‘oh man’ experience. I had high expectations whenthis lens was announced. But the results have been above and beyond. It is exceptionally well behaved, and its resolving power is just off the charts! Beyond the sheer technical prowess of this wide angle Milvus gem, it has that ‘little something extra’ that I referred to earlier. It is the uncanny ability of ZEISS lenses to render a scene in which I feel I could almost step into. To me, this is the true measure of a great lens.

@ Douglas Wood, Nikon D850, ZEISS Milvus 1.4/25, f/10, 90 sec., ISO 64

High image quality results in outstanding prints

There is something special about a great picture that gets printed on a beautiful paper. To Douglas, the work really comes alive when it is printed. The subject of printing is a deep one and there is much to learn (constantly) in order to make the best prints that you can. These tips are really just to get some of you started with the process with some key things to think about in your workflow. Read the full article here: Fine Art Printing Tips


About Douglas Wood

Douglas Woods PotraitDouglas Wood has lived just outside of Portland, Maine for the past 16 years. He’s been a musician for most of his life but photography has been his primary artistic pursuit for the last 10 years. The majority of his work is black and white and he’s most passionate about Maine coastal based imagery: seascape, nautical and nature. His work is represented by the Casco Bay Artisans gallery in Portland, Maine and the Kingman Gallery in Deer Isle, Maine. Zeiss lenses have been, and continue to be, integral to the pictures that he makes. For more of Douglas’s work, feel free to visit his website and facebook page.

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