Introducing Danny Mota

January 19, 2017 ZEISS LENSPIRE Team

by Danny Mota

I use photography as way of creating images, ideas, and concepts that are in my mind. I want to create pieces, stills, videos, or designs, that provoke people into thinking and/or feeling as they experience them. I don’t care if there is someone asking, “what the fuck is that?” or another person trying to decide which part of my piece is real and what portion is composited. I just want to create what I have in my mind and let that thought breath.

I was born, raised, and live in Chicago. Therefore, I am constantly trying to showcase it in my work, as it is an inspirational cornerstone of mine. I constantly find myself going out to shoot Chicago, looking for places that I have not explored or perspectives that I have yet to encounter. To me there is always something to shoot here, always.

Included here are the images that I shot with the Zeiss Batis 85mm/1.8 lens. My intent was to capture my favorite elements of Chicago. Additionally, I also wanted to create a few pieces of my art that utilized the images I shot with the Batis for a true collaboration of the lens ability and my own.



About Danny Mota

Hi, I am Danny Mota, a born and bred Chicago creative. Apart from being a freelance visual artist, I am a full-time content director at Havas Chicago, the most relevant advertising agency in Chicago.

My mindset to thinking and creating is founded in the idea of,  “rest in reason, move in passion.” I live by those words. I am not a person that fears change, rather I fear complacency. I always want my work to be better, which I feel can only happen if I push the boundaries of not only the quality of my work but the thinking.

I love working with brands not only at my day-job, but I love being able to collaborate with clients as a freelance creative that wants to create original and relevant pieces.

Find out more about Danny Motas work:

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