True Living Vision with ZEISS AT LISA tri family

May 19, 2016
Find more about on our website: True Living Vision becomes reality with ZEISS AT LISA® tri and the new ZEISS AT LISA tri toric. Excellent near, far and intermediate vision. Under all light conditions. For maximized independency from spectacles. A female cataract patient around 60 visits an art exhibition. She can't see all the picture details from the distance. She gets closer, but when she enters the intermediate vision range the pictures get blurred... She changes her glasses and moves further towards a picture to see it clearly. But when she touches the velvet rope in front of the picture the alarm goes off. Embarassed she leaves the exhibition. She returns after the implantation of a ZEISS AT LISA tri IOL. Now she can see everything clearly without glasses. Happy and relaxed, she gives a tour to a group of visitors. When suddenly the alarm goes off she makes an innocent sign that it wasn't her this time... Not all products, services or offers on this channel are approved or offered in every market and approved labeling and instructions may vary from one country to another. For information and products intended for U.S. audiences only, please visit

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